Lab Facility and Modeling Center

RESL is a dedicated experimental facility totaling 100 m2 (1000 sq-ft) with adjoined modeling center space. The lab is located on the first floor of the mechanical engineering building at the Dalhousie Sexton Campus heart of downtown Halifax.

Research equipment includes:

  • Advanced power cyclers
  • Data acquisition and logging equipment
  • 4 Channel digital recording oscilloscope
  • Lithium-ion battery management systems
  • Power inverter/rectifier 
  • Low-voltage, high-current dischargers
  • High voltage PPE
  • Range of high-quality handheld measurement tools 

Research batteries include:

  • Large-format prismatic
  • Small high-power cylindrical
  • Lithium-ion (100 V, 100 Ah, 10 kWh)
  • Lead-acid (100 V, 300 Ah, 30 kWh)