We are very proud of our alumni. Researchers leave RESL with valuable knowledge in energy demand, renewable energy, and of course energy storage design, build, and operating skills.

Mark Watson

Mark Watson is an Electrical Engineering student and also has a background in Mechanical Engineering. He worked at RESL as a research engineer in Winter 2017. His project was a telecom battery SOC meter accuracy investigation.

Shengbo Zhang

Shengbo is a third year engineering student, he joins the team for his second coop placement. His first focus during the work term is to perform various tests on an inverter.

John Evarts, MES, MPA, BSc

John Evarts studied renewable energy systems and energy planning to create the new EnergyShed concept. He is now both a consultant and an entrepreneur, working with several different startup energy companies.

Bryan Ellis

Bryan is an undergraduate mechanical engineering student joining the lab as a summer research assistant. His engineering interests include the development of renewable energy resources in Nova Scotia, applications of solar energy to the aerospace industry, and also energy grid control systems.

Hazem Ajlani, BEng

Hazem's interest in renewable energy started in the final year of his bachelor’s degree. His capstone project was measuring and comparing the power output, efficiency and duration of power supply between a conventional battery, a small scale wind turbine, a solar panel and a proton membrane exchange fuel cell. He is now examining high time step resolution renewable resource data (solar, wind, tidal) for energy storage system modeling.

Miroslava Kavgic, PhD

Miroslava Kavgic worked for two years as a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Renewable Energy Storage Lab. She is now an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba.

Justin Deveau, MASc

Justin graduated with an MASc focused on the storage of renewable energy. He is now an R&D Engineer with SolBird Energy in Alberta

Dane George, BEng

Dane is pursuing a Masters of Applied Science with a focus on enhancing the Canadian Hybrid Residential Energy Model (CHREM) to demonstrate the effect of occupant driven load profiles on a range of net-zero building technologies under investigation by the Smart Net-zero Energy Building Research Network (SNEBRN). 

Grant Poulain

Grant is a student at Dalhousie University who is pursuing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Grant has a strong interest in Renewable Energy. Once graduated from university, Grant intends to pursue a career in either the solar or tidal energy industry.

Rohin Roy Dheer, MEng

Rohin Roy Dheer obtained his a Masters of Engineering with a focus on storage software packages. He now works for Momentum Solar in Calgary.

Behzad Barzegar, MASc

Behzad graduated with an MASc focused on off-grid streetlighting. He is now a PhD Student at École Polytechnique in Montreal.

Sebastian Manchester, MASc

Sebastian completed his MASc at Dalhousie in April 2014. His thesis was based on the creation of a numerical model for regenerative air energy storage that is used to optimally size energy storage systems for various renewable energy integration scenarios. He now works for Unify Energy as a project engineer.

Vittorio Iormetti, MSc

Vittorio Iormetti completed his master's with a focus on modeling and simulation of residential energy efficiency upgrades. He now works at NeoCon International as an engineer.

Jason Leadbetter, MASc

Jason Leadbetter completed his MASc with a focus on grid-integrated residential-scale lithium-ion battery storage. He now works for MCA Consultants as a mechanical engineer.