Trent Hilliard, MASc

Trent completed his PhD at RESL in Mechanical Engineering by developing advanced model predictive control strategies for HVAC control in commercial buildings buildings. The focus of the work was on the use of advanced climate forecasting (time and spatial resolution) to better utilize building resources to reduce energy consumption, GHG emissions, and energy costs. This work was carried out with collaborating industrial research partner Green Power Labs, where Trent now works.

Trent is from Fall River, NS and started his university career at St. FX University where he received his Diploma of Engineering.  He then completed his BEng in Mechanical Engineering with co-op at Dalhousie University.  After completing his BEng, he continued on with a MASc at Dalhousie with his research on Bilateral Teleoperation Control Systems under the supervision of Dr. Ya-Jun Pan, which he completed in August of 2012.  Trent has a variety of work experience stemming from stints with Algoma Steel, Fundy Gypsum, LED Roadway Lighting, and most recently as an employee at Dalhousie University.
In his free time, Trent is an active member of the Mayflower Curling Club where he curls 2 nights a week.  Trent has also represented Dalhousie University and the CIS Curling championships, and the province of Nova Scotia at the Canadian Junior Championships.