Grant Poulain

Grant worked as a research engineer at RESL in 2015 to develop new battery packs for an electric vehicle. He successfully fit 34 kWh into a 1998 Toyota RAV4. Grant has a strong interest in Renewable Energy. Grant intends to pursue a career in either the solar or tidal energy industry.

In the summer of 2014, Grant worked for a local company where he gained experience in production, material science and failure modes. Part of his job was to design and supervise an experiment, where he learned about experimental design. Eventually he and his team were able to improve the accuracy of the experiment and prove the reliability of a plastic part.
Grant is from Grand Lake, Nova Scotia. Outside of school, he loves working with friends to complete smaller projects. Most recently he worked with a team to design and build an off road go-cart. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding, dirt biking and the outdoors.