Hazem Ajlani, BEng

Hazem's interest in renewable energy started in the final year of his bachelor’s degree. His capstone project was measuring and comparing the power output, efficiency and duration of power supply between a conventional battery, a small scale wind turbine, a solar panel and a proton membrane exchange fuel cell. He is now examining high time step resolution renewable resource data (solar, wind, tidal) for energy storage system modeling.

Following the completion of his bachelor’s degree (Mechanical Engineering, Gulf University in Bahrain) he worked for a year in the construction and contracting industry in Saudi Arabia. 

After coming to Canada he has decided to pursue his Masters of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, with a focus in Oil and Gas processing at Dalhousie University.

But a course in renewable energy and researching about renewable energy sources, potential, and storage, changed his interest from the Petroleum industry to the Renewable Energy industry. He has since changed programs to the Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.

He hopes to gain valuable knowledge and skills during his time at Dalhousie University and join the workforce in transforming our dependence on energy from the conventional sources to the renewable ones.