John Evarts, MES, MPA, BSc

John Evarts studied renewable energy systems and energy planning to create the new EnergyShed concept in 2016. He is now both a consultant and an entrepreneur, working with several different startup energy companies. He is located in California.

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1991, John pursued a twenty-year career as a naval officer and nuclear engineer specializing in submarines.  During that time he held the following positions: nuclear reactor plant operations and maintenance, university instructor, military operations planner, executive officer for deep-ocean-bed sonar systems, nuclear weapons systems technical inspector, and international exchange officer to Canada.  John pursued additional education to include a Masters in Public Administration, and work in Civil Engineering with a focus on sustainability, which included passive-solar architecture, photovoltaic system design, water purification and wastewater treatment.  John is now pursuing studies at Dalhousie University on renewable energy systems and energy planning for practical application in Halifax Regional Municipality.   John enjoys being a father, yoga, skiing, kayaking, hiking, teaching and latin dance.


Solar City is a Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) program that offers government backed financing for residential purchase/installation of solar hot water systems.  Part of the novelty of the program is in the effort to tunnel through economic barriers for individual homeowners, local solar industry members, and the muncipal government.  The program will take effect starting this year for the roughly one thousand partcipants of the pilot program.  This research will analyze the Solar City program through both engineering and a policy analysis lenses  to determine the potential effectiveness of the program, specific program tenants to maintain into the future, and recommendations to enhance the current program.  This analysis will seek “break points” in the data to refine program boundary criteria for HRM.

John recently conducted an in-depth analysis of water consumption data from the Solar City program to determine hot water consumption in residences. This specifically adds coverage of 1 and 6 occupant households to the existing body of literature on the subject. He recently had his first journal article on the subject accepted for publication.

John's master's research on a GIS "EnergyShed" methodology is focused on a spatial analysis of the energy input and output streams, including all renewable resources. This layered general energy map of the region will provide key data to support renewable energy planning efforts.