Sebastian Manchester, MASc

Sebastian completed his MASc at Dalhousie in 2014. His thesis was based on the creation of a numerical model for regenerative air energy storage that is used to optimally size energy storage systems for various renewable energy integration scenarios. He is now a principal for Jaza Energy with numerous solar/storage projects in Africa, where he spends most of his time.

Other areas of research that Sebastian was involved in at RESL include energy storage for in-stream tidal energy converters, energy storage for remote microgrids, and low cost mobile phone charging solutions in developing countries. He authored 3 peer-reviewed journal articles and 3 peer-reviewed conference papers during his 2 years at RESL. 

Sebastian is also the Engineer in Residence at Community Forest International, a not-for-profit organization with whom he has designed and built 8 community energy systems in remote communities on the island of Pemba in Tanzania. 

In his position at Unify Energy, he is developing a wind and energy storage project in Nova Scotia in collaboration with LightSail Energy.