Chris White, MASc

Chris graduated from RESL in Mechanical Engineering with an MASc focused on formation techniques for solar storage batteries. He is now an entrepreneur, aggressively pursuing several formation and charging patents. With Lukas, he has formed a company called Charged Engineering Inc. He is now an associate of the lab, and contracts certain tests to RESL.

Chris grew up in the small town of Deer Lake, NL before moving to Halifax in 2008 for his undergrad in mechanical engineering. He gained his first research experience during his freshman year at Dalhousie when he joined Dr. Jeff Dahn’s research team at the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science as a summer student. After two summers with the Dahn Lab, he had gained valuable experience working with graduate students on projects involving carbon respirators and lithium-ion batteries. 

Over the course of his undergrad at Dalhousie, Chris developed a passion for renewable energy technologies. For his senior year design project, Chris and his team designed, constructed and tested an original mechanism for a variable-pitch wind turbine rotor. After completing his BEng he decided to pursue his interests in both research and renewable energy and joined the RESL in May 2013.