Greg MacDonald

Greg worked as a research engineer for RESL in 2016 developing custom battery management systems and control systems for an EV. In 2017 he worked with Charged Engineering Inc. carrying out a wide variety of battery tests, often involving drilling and tapping various "doped" batteries.

Greg has a strong interest in renewable energy storage and its applications. Once graduated from Dalhousie, he intends to work on the design and maintenance of renewable energy generation and storage systems. Greg has a great deal of experience with electrical equipment from his time spent working for an electrical contractor in the Northwest Territories. His job required him to install and maintain Electrical equipment during the construction of a new Hospital. He also became familiar with experimental engineering design, while helping the local electricians solve problems in the workplace.

Greg is from Kingsport, Nova Scotia. Outside of school he likes to play competitive golf, guitar and basketball to name a few. He also enjoys working on projects in his garage with friends and family.