Lukas G. Swan, PhD, PEng

Dr. Lukas G. Swan, P.Eng., is an associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University where he conducts research and lectures. He is the principal investigator at RESL and has 20 years experience in battery energy storage systems and renewable energy.

Lukas is involved with both R&D and commercial aspects of a broad array of renewable and alternative energy technologies. His passion is sustainable and efficient energy generation, storage, and conversion mechanisms, with the intent of displacing conventional fossil fuel use. Drawing on his experience as a commercial wind developer (MW class turbines) and several years consulting for manufacturers of battery electric vehicles (EV), he has set his research objectives on developing energy storage technologies and management methods to allow for the increased integration of renewable energy with the electricity grid.

At Dalhousie University he directs the Renewable Energy Storage Laboratory (RESL). Lukas’ research group consists of brilliant graduate students and post-doctoral fellows solving practical energy storage projects for dozens of Nova Scotia businesses. His team has worked on numerous wind, tidal, and solar projects, combined with on/off-grid storage technologies such as batteries (several MW class installs) and compressed air. The team conducts research in both the modeling center and the experimental battery laboratory at RESL.

Lukas is also Vice-President of DHS Engineering, a Founding Director of Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field, and sits on the non-profit boards of IBPSA-Canada and Project Colors International. Originally a Nova Scotian, he grew up and was educated primarily in California. He now lives outside Cole Harbour with his wife and two young sons.

Lukas utilizes ties with industry in nearly all research projects. Above he is shown atop an Enercon 800 kW wind turbine (75 m above ground) owned by a company in which he is a founding director. A few more photos of interest are given below.

In addition to his research at Dalhousie, Lukas holds the following positions:

  • Vice-president of DHS Engineering Inc. - providing consulting engineering services to the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors.
  • Past-president of IBPSA-Canada - a non-profit Canadian chapter of the International Building Performance Simulation Association. (Lukas hosted the 2012 eSim Building Simulation conference).
  • Founding Director of Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field Inc. - a community based wind energy development company with an installed 800 kW wind turbine and two 50 kW turbines being installed in fall 2012.
  • Director of Project Colors Int'l. - an volunteer and aid organization that conveys resources, supplies and opportunities directly to those who need them most.

Courses taught:

  • ENGI 2203: Engineering Design
  • ENGI 2400: Mechanics dynamics II
  • ENGI 2800: Thermodynamics
  • MECH 4010-4020: Supervisor to Senior Design Projects
  • MECH 4600: Engineering measurements
  • MECH 4820: Energy from renewable resources
  • MECH 6346: Advanced energy storage
  • MECH 6910: Engineering Seminar
  • PEAS 6000: Research Methodology

Photos of interest:

Lukas at RESL (photo credit: John Sherlock)

Lukas with his Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle (photo credit: Nick Pearce)

Lukas at the CCWF wind turbine (photo credit: John Sherlock)

 Lukas teaching in the lab (photo credit: Nick Pearce)