Research Team

Chad LeRue

Chad is an undergraduate mechanical engineering student working as a co-op student at RESL, where he conducts general lab work on various projects.

Blenson Paul, MSc

Blenson is pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering to develop repurposed Lithium-ion batteries.  His research aims to develop optimization strategies using predictive control approaches for the efficient use of repurposed EV batteries for Grid Storage, aiming for the significant reduction of electricity storage cost.

Cohen Poirier

Cohen is an undergraduate mechanical engineering student joining the lab for his second co-op placement. The electric trike project he completed on his last term with the lab, in Fall of 2016, will be the focus of his research at RESL in Summer 2017. The goal of the term is to build a second prototype of the trike by improving upon the first prototype.

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer is an undergraduate student in the concurrent BSc/BEng program.  She is pursuing her BEng degree in mechanical engineering and BSc in mathematics. She works as a research assistant at RESL on the investigation of high-resolution electricity of various commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential buildings.

Katherine Adye

Katherine Adye recently completed her BEng degree, and is working as a research engineer at RESL. Her project investigates the differences between centralized and distributed solar PV, as well as the correlations of solar with other resources (e.g. wind, tidal, etc.)

Ben Thompson, BEng

Ben is pursuing his Master’s of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering in the field of renewable energy storage, with a focus on repurposing electric vehicle batteries for grid storage of electricity.

Trent Hilliard, MASc

Trent is pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering to develop and test advanced HVAC control strategies for buildings. The focus of the work is the use of advanced climate forecasting to better utilize building resources to reduce energy consumption, GHG emissions, and energy costs.

Sean Fleming, BEng

Sean is pursuing his Master of Applied Science in the field of mechanical engineering with a focus on increasing battery life in off-grid renewable energy systems.

Nathaniel Pearre, PhD

Nathaniel Pearre is a Post-Doctoral Fellow working with the Renewable Energy Storage Lab. His research focus is both on the forecasting of renewable resources and on optimal sizing strategies for storage.