Chad LeRue

Chad is an undergraduate mechanical engineering student who worked as a research engineer at RESL in 2017. His primary project was the design and construction of a high voltage lithium-ion battery pack that reaches over 700 V when fully charged. This was to investigate the inter-cell effects of balancing on long strings.

During the Winter term Chad completed a high voltage battery pack project and will continue to perform data analysis and research on high series-connected battery packs in the summer months. Chad also aided in building a temperature controlled cooling system for batteries capable of liquid cooling. 

Chad is looking forward to starting his last year of classes in September at Dalhousie University. During the previous school year Chad was an active member in the Dalhousie Renewable Energy Society created in September 2016. The society focuses on designing and building renewable energy solutions and demonstrate performance. This year Chad is transitioning to a co-president position, assisting in leading the society, and contribute to the design and assembly of upcoming projects.