Nathaniel Pearre, PhD

Nathaniel Pearre is a Post-Doctoral Fellow working with the Renewable Energy Storage Lab. His research focus is both on the forecasting of renewable resources and on optimal sizing strategies for storage. Additionally, he post-docs at NRCan where he is investigating EV integration with the electricity grid.

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Nat spent several years in industry working in manufacturing engineer and composites. He returned to graduate school at the University of Delaware as a coastal engineer, assembling camera systems and writing automated image processing software to quantify shoreline change on the Delaware coast. During that work he was inspired by an offshore wind power class to pursue his interest in renewable energy. He went on to pursue a doctorate at UDel with the Center for Carbon-free Power Integration, focusing on the potential of a distributed fleet of EVs to provide grid services through Vehicle-to-Grid, a technology that permits plug-in vehicles to respond to market forces and send stored energy back to the grid. 

Nathaniel was pleased to be able to spend the 2011 summer as visiting student at Dalhousie, bringing him home to Halifax, and giving him a chance to learn about Nova Scotia's energy future. During his summer research at RESL he investigated energy storage systems (capacity, power, mass, volume) to meet the objectives of the Nova Scotia Renewable Electricity Plan. His research produced two peer-reviewed papers, and a suite of energy modelling software (in Matlab) that has been used and extended by RESL in numerous subsequent projects.