Project Partners


Dugo enables wireless companies to save on OpEx and CapEx while keeping them informed of their cell towers energy related performance. Dugo's dashboard is a powerful tool, designed to pinpoint problems and network's overall status. It's also customizable, catered to satisfy the most detailed engineers. Dugo has been designed, from every aspect, with user experience in mind to ensure usability and presenting the right data at the right time and place.

Black Rock Tidal Power

Black Rock Tidal Power Inc. (BRTP) is a system-integrator that delivers cost-effective turnkey solutions of instream tidal power generation. BRTP is specialized in the development and implementation of TRITON platforms that carry a multitude of SCHOTTEL Instream Turbines. BRTP´s services cover the range from site specific platform designs and corresponding installation procedures to project management, manufacturing and commissioning of devices. BRTP also supports the development of operation, maintenance and monitoring methods and strategies.

Jaza Energy

Jaza Energy is building a network of renewable energy hubs in communities beyond the electrical grid. A single hub provides affordable and reliable access to electricity in up to a hundred households. No more burning kerosene at home, no more travel to charge your phone.

Green Power Labs

Green Power Labs Inc. (GPL) is a company of solar resource experts and engineers. As solar resource experts we provide solar resource mapping, monitoring and forecasting services. As solar engineers we assist clients with assessment, planning and implementation of solar technology applications. Established in 2003, the Company has evolved into a leading solar expert and has built a reputation for exceptional quality of knowledge base and service.

Surrette Battery

Established in 1935, Surrette Battery is proud to be one of North America's leading lead-acid battery manufacturers and the Nation's only remaining independent battery manufacturer. Located in Springhill, Nova Scotia, we produce a wide range of batteries for use in railroad, marine, motive and renewable energy applications. Relied on worldwide, our batteries are internationally recognized for their dependability and hit rate of recyclability.


SATELLIGENT designs and manufactures innovative, value added Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and personal communication products. We develop data communication and telemetry products, which are used globally in a multitude of applications such as educational research, industrial controls and monitoring, high-value asset tracking and remote area communications. Our products serve multiple industries; including maritime, oil & gas exploration, heavy industry, transportation, emergency services, military and government. SATELLIGENT’s products offer the flexibility of an array of data communication options such as terrestrial, satellite and even wired telemetry.

Scotia Weather Services

Scotia Weather Services Incorporated offers a wide variety of weather forecasting and environmental consulting services from 24 hour per day operations centre located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Utilizing a qualified professional staff of meteorologists possessing a combined total over 80 years of experience in serving clients in eastern Canada. The products are based on sound environmental science and the application of timely environmental information to provide the analysis and forecast information required to enhance our client's economic and/or physical well-being.

Unify Energy

Unify Energy is a renewable energy storage developer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We are partnered with LightSail Energy, a Berkeley, California based company developing the innovative Regenerative Air Energy Storage (RAES) technology. RAES is a low cost, long lifetime, high efficiency, and flexible energy storage solution. We are experts in energy system analysis, energy storage controls, renewable energy development, power generation, and utility integration. Unify is working with LightSail to adapt RAES technology for use in cold climates. Currently in Nova Scotia, we are developing the world's first RAES + wind energy project. 

Solar Global Solutions

Solar Global Solutions (SGS) was founded in 1988 in Nova Scotia, Canada, as PoleCo Limited. Originally as a distribution company for poles and brackets in the outdoor lighting sector PoleCo developed over 25 years of experience supplying high quality lighting support products to utility, commercial, industrial, and government clients. In 2010, PoleCo began to explore ways to add more value to its customer through the integration of renewable energy technologies in the lighting sector. This change was marked by a transition from the sole supply of lighting support products into the design and manufacturing of off-grid solar and wind powered street lights. The business evolved quickly and to date, the company has installed over 500 solar power systems globally. Approximately 75% of these have been to export markets in the Caribbean, Middle East, and USA. In 2014 PoleCo began developing its grid-tied solar business with a focus on developing innovative solar energy generation, storage, and controls solutions for projects ranging in size from utility scale to the residential level. In 2015 PoleCo changed its name to Solar Global Solutions (SGS) to reflect this change in business focus. Now SGS is a renewable energy engineering firm specializing in the design, supply, and construction of high quality solar power and energy storage systems. Bringing a customer-centered approach to every project, SGS offers engineering design services, procurement, contractor training, as well as installation and maintenance services to our customers.


Since 1988, Art FX has been designing and manufacturing RMUs, kiosks and merchandising fixtures for leading developers, retailers and airports. Our growth has come from our agility and ability to design unique, innovative solutions for all of our clients. In addition to our creative resources, ArtFX offers in-house custom and semi-custom design services to develop concepts that match any new or exisiting architecture or decor. Never daunted by a challenge, our design team constantly strives to provide clients with an innovative solution tailored to their particular set of circumstances. And working hand-in-hand with our manufacturing team ensures that we never lose sight of the practicalities of construction or use.

Nova Scotia Power

Nova Scotia Power makes and delivers electricity. We provide 95 per cent of the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Nova Scotia, and serve 488,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers across the province. Our 1,800 dedicated, safety-focused employees help manage $4 billion worth of generation, transmission and distribution assets and produce more than 11,000 gigawatt hours of electricity each year. We use a fuel mix including hydro, tidal, wind, coal, oil, biomass and natural gas to generate electricity.

Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan)

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada is a not-for-profit entity formed in 1981 that advances the development of wind energy across Canada through research, testing, innovation and collaboration. Located in North Cape, Prince Edward Island on Canada’s east coast, we’re ideally situated for wind study with 300 degree exposure to the water, average wind speeds of 8.2 m/s at 50 m, and numerous icing events per year. Our laboratory features a 10 MW Wind R&D Park, a storage test bed, meteorological towers and a small wind test bed, as well as other facilities. These, in addition to our extensive data sets and experienced personnel, provide opportunities for government, public/private sector companies and academia to research, demonstrate, test and validate technologies and concepts in a real world setting.

Municipality of the District of Digby

The Municipality of the District of Digby is a leader in wind energy, bio energy, and tidal energy systems. The Municipality is proactively seeking renewable energy industry as the region transforms itself using these inexhaustible resources.

LightSail Energy

LightSail Energy aims to produce the world’s cleanest and most economical energy storage systems by using air as the storage medium. Compressing air creates heat. Until now, this was wasted, drastically reducing efficiency. Our innovation: an elegant method of capturing this heat and regenerating useful energy from it. We inject a fine, dense mist of water spray which rapidly absorbs the heat of compression and reuses it during expansion.

Fundy Tidal

Fundy Tidal was established on Brier Island in 2006 as a result of local interest to generate marine renewable energy from the tidal currents of the Outer Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia including Digby Gut, Grand Passage and Petit Passage. Fundy Tidal’s focus is small-scale tidal energy projects that involve community ownership and local benefits. Fundy Tidal's vision is to proactively create opportunities in the emerging marine energy sector with a focus on locally-owned and operated ventures to insure economic development opportunities that benefit local communities and businesses.

NRCan CanMET Energy

CanmetENERGY of Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) is a leader in clean energy research and technology development. With over 450 scientists, engineers and technicians and more than 100 years of experience, we are Canada's knowledge centre for scientific expertise on clean energy technologies.

Halifax Regional Municipality

Halifax Regional Municipality approved the Solar City program on December 11th, 2012. The $8.3 million Solar City Program is using an innovative financing and delivery mechanism allowing the municipality to provide turn-key installations for up to a 1,000 solar water heating systems per year to homeowners.