RESL is always on the lookout for top-quality post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate research assistants.

FULLY FUNDED POSITION: MASc in Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University

This 2 year graduate student position investigates solar+storage in an analytical, modeling and experimental way. Our partners, NSCC Research are presently databasing timestep solar PV data streams from dozens of participants in the Solar for Community Buildings Program. We will complete detailed analytical studies of this data focusing on temporal and spatial relationships of energy, power, and ramp-rate. These dramatically affect the integration of solar PV with the electricity grid. We will then model effects of including such solar, and add a storage component to investigate the effect of battery size. Finally, we will recreate these conditions by importing the data streams and experimentally testing the performance of batteries in this situation using our power cyclers.

Applicants should have some background in renewable energy, analytical and experimental skills, and the ability to write clearly and present their work. Please inquire with the Principal Investigator of RESL, Dr. Lukas Swan.