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Swan L, White C; Systems and Methods for Determining State-Of-Charge Using Tafel Slope. USA Patent 10,712,392 (July 14, 2020). Assigned to Charged Engineering Inc.

Swan L, White C, Deveau J; Method for Completing Formation of Lead-acid Batteries. USA Patent 10,838,014 (November 17, 2020). Assigned to Charged Engineering Inc.

Hilliard T, Swan L; Method and System for Controlling Space Thermal Comfort Using Air Temperature and Solar Radiation Measurements. USA Patent Pending: Application 62/529,593, Filed 7 Jul 2017. Assigned to Green Power Labs Inc.

Theses (PhD, MASc) and reports (MEng)

Conference papers (selected)

  • Campbell B, Pearre N, Swan L (2020). Multi-objective Battery Energy Storage Control Modeling for Residences Within Utilities. eSim Building Simulation Conference, June 14-16 (2021), Victoria, BC, Canada.
  • Ellis B, Pearre N, Swan L (2020). Comparison of centralized and distributed photovoltaic system power intermittency based on measured data at the municipal scale. Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress, June 21-24, Charlottetown, PE, Canada.
  • Cook R, Swan L (2020). Experimental analysis of lithium ion batteries for low earth orbit CubeSat applications. Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress, June 21-24, Charlottetown, PE, Canada.
  • Pearre N, Kiefte D, Swan L (2020). Evaluating wind resources throughout the Maritimes for less costly electricity grid integration. Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress, June 21-24, Charlottetown, PE, Canada.
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  • George D, Swan L (2016). New profiles of occupancy driven appliance, lighting, and hot water use for residential sector energy demand modeling. Building Simulation & Optimisation Conference (BSO), September 12-14, Newcastle, England. This paper awarded third prize by the Scientific Committee.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2016). Electric vehicle charging to support renewable energy integration in a capacity constrained electricity grid. Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS29), June 19-29, Montreal.
  • George D, Swan L (2016). A comparison of electricity ‘smart meter’ data with high resolution measured residential loads. eSim Building Simulation Conference, May 3-6, Hamilton.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L, Kavgic M, Qin Z, DeWolf S (2016).Using building simulation software to quantify the savings of a model predictive control implementation. eSim Building Simulation Conference, May 3-6, Hamilton.
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Industry reports (selected)

  • Pearre N, Swan L (2017). IntraProvincial coupling of wind energy resources and examination of preferred regions for additional wind energy development. For Nova Scotia Department of Energy. 40 pages.
  • Adye K, Pearre N, Swan L (2017). Correlations of wind, solar, and tidal generation with net electricity load. For Nova Scotia Department of Energy. 17 pages.
  • Swan L (2017). Molecular rebar investigation. For [redacted] Battery. 34 slides.
  • Adye K, Pearre N, Swan L (2017). Comparison of solar photovoltaic electricity output from small-scale distributed systems and large-scale centralized systems. For Nova Scotia Department of Energy. 29 pages.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2017). Statistical observational approach for improved wind power production forecasting in Nova Scotia. For Scotia Weather Services Inc. 31 pages.
  • Adye K, Pearre N, Swan L (2017). Tidal energy characterization. For Black Rock Tidal Power. 20 slides.
  • Watson M, Swan L (2017). Evaluation of [redacted] telecom batteries with the [redacted] battery fuel gauge. For Dugo Inc. 42 pages.
  • Watson M, Swan L (2017). Battery charging algorithm and DCDC charger characterization. For Jaza Energy Inc. 20 slides.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2017). Cost optimization with electricity demand charges and variable electricity pricing for occupied periods. For Green Power Labs. 88 pages.
  • Fleming S, Swan L (2016). AGM lead-acid battery capacity recovery. For Solar Global Solutions. 24 slides.
  • Zhang S, Swan L (2016). Inverter performance analysis and pre-compliance testing of SI-2000-01 prototype device. For Satelligent. 21 pages.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2016). Enabling electric vehicles: the need for central infrastructure planning. For Nova Scotia Power. 33 slides.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2016). Thermal comfort criteria and strategy. For Green Power Labs. 35 pages.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2016). DOE building MPC operation during the morning start-up. For Green Power Labs. 30 pages.
  • Swan L, Kavgic M, Hilliard T (2016). DOE building models and rule based control baseline simulation results. For Green Power Labs. 25 pages.
  • Kavgic M, Hilliard T, Swan L (2016). DOE building BRM verification during the morning startup. For Green Power Labs. 43 pages.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2016). Autonomous RMU pod energy storage report. For ArtFX. 39 slides.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2015). Liverpool wind energy storage project: a concept for instrumentation, commissioning, and testing. For Unify and Lightsail Energy. 61 slides.
  • Thompson J, Swan L, Pearre N (2015). Dalhousie building electricity demand limit predictions. For Dalhousie University. 11 pages.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2015). Building response model verification metric methodology. For Green Power Labs. 27 pages.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2015). Mona Campbell test building progress report. For Green Power Labs. 65 pages.
  • Kavgic M, Hilliard T, Swan L (2015). Creation of BRM training data: Method and quality assurance. For Green Power Labs. 80 pages.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2015). BRM verification for the Mona Campbell building. For Green Power Labs. 26 pages.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2015). Building description, energy usage, controls, input and output data for predictive modelling, and calibration results (Mona Campbell). For Green Power Labs. 42 pages.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2015). Sodium nickel chloride battery Report 3: Battery experimental performance and final report. For Wind Energy Institute of Canada. 34 pages.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2015). Sodium nickel chloride battery Report 2: Battery modeling and simulated performance. For Wind Energy Institute of Canada. 29 pages.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2015). Sodium nickel chloride battery Report 1: Proposed electricity services. For Wind Energy Institute of Canada. 26 pages.
  • Kavgic M, Swan L (2015).Selection of prototypical commercial/institutional buildings and climate regions in North America for MPC. For Green Power Labs. 48 pages.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2015). Analysis of model predictive control results for the NSCC. For Green Power Labs. 81 pages.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2014).Per turbine wind speed and direction forecast accuracy at Gulliver’s Cove wind field in Digby. For Scotia Weather Services. 24 pages.
  • Fleming S, Swan L (2014). Cycling performance of a Sun-Xtender PVX-1530T. For PoleCo. 56 pages.
  • Adye K, Pearre N, Swan L (2014). Solar City on-site assessment summary report: house characteristics and water savings. For Halifax Regional Municipality. 27 pages.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2014). Review of model predictive control strategies and services. For Green Power Labs. 37 pages.
  • Kavgic M, Swan L (2014). Review of North American climatic regions and commercial/institutional building categories. For Green Power Labs. 58 pages.
  • Hilliard T, Swan L (2014). Calibrated building performance model of the NSCC Harbourfront Wing. For Green Power Labs. 41 pages.
  • Pearre N, Swan L (2014).Electric vehicles for Digby: reducing imported fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy. For Municipality of the District of Digby. 85 pages.
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